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Wildwood Maid and Cleaning Services for
North Wildwood, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Diamond Beach Vacation Rental Owners

Q & A

Q: How much do you charge for service?
A: Our fees are based on the size/ number of bedrooms. Please refer to our rate page

Q: How many people will clean my home?
A: Generally, 2 cleaners are assigned to each property. In the case of a full spring cleaning there will be additional staff. 

Q: Do you guarantee your arrival times?
A: While we do not guarantee an arrival time we do guarantee that your property will be cleaned prior to check in time. In most instances check in is 2pm. Our staff of cleaners is in constant contact with the office we basically know when they arrive and complete each property.

Q: How do I pay for services?
A: Payments are due within 10 days of service. Our office will email or mail you a bill. If you are in the Island Realty Group rental program your cleaning fees will be deducted from your account.

Q: Do I need to provide cleaning products or equipment?
A: We provide all the equipment & products necessary to fully clean your property. At no additional charge All Islands Cleaning also provides special cleaning products for your stainless steel appliances, hardwood/laminate/stone floors, granite/marble/stone counters and more.

Q: What kind of cleaning products do you use?
A: We only use cleaning supplies for households. No commercial chemicals are used. All bathroom and many other cleaners are thoroughly rinsed off.

Q: Do you work on weekends?
A: Saturday and Sunday are our main days of operation. However, many weekends are already reserved and you will need an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. Please contact us for details.

Q: Do you work on evenings?
A: Yes but our published rates are for services during normal business hours.

Q: What if I need to cancel service/ change my appointment.
A: We require 48 hours notice of cancellation of service.

Q: Are your cleaning staff trustworthy?
A: All Islands Cleaning is fully bonded and insured.

All Islands Cleaning Services

100 East 17th Avenue - Suite 101
North Wildwood, New Jersey 08260
Ph: 609.522.0817     Fax: 866.571.9766

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